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Early years Educator

Early years Educator
Addlestone, Surrey
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Educators will be responsible for helping to ensure the smooth running of their room. Working as a team to always ensure a high-quality environment for children.
Purpose of Post:
* To provide a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children in the setting.
* To help ensure a high-quality environment through ensuring their own constant never-ending improvement.
* To work as part of a team in order to provide an enabling environment in which all individual children can play, develop and learn.
* To build and maintain strong partnerships with parents to enable children’s needs to be met.
* To understand and implement the core values within the company.

Key Areas:
* To keep the children safe and happy
* To educate the children through play and activities
* To comply with all the organisation’s policies and procedures
* To attend training as required, and complete all assignments set
* To work as part of the staff team
* To liaise with and support the Room leader
* Be happy to work in other areas of the nursery when necessary
Duties and Responsibilities
* The focus of the Educators will be to help develop and maintain the quality of education within their room always ensuring an age and stage-appropriate environment.
* The educators will help train and develop new and current staff.
* Ensure they deploy themselves adequately around the room to ensure that sight lines are maintained
* To effectively deliver the EYFS ensuring that the individual needs and interests of children are met (in conjunction with other team members)
* To understand and implement the observation methods used.
* To ensure a culture of high-quality learning within the setting.
* To understand and embody the company’s core values, culture and ethics.
* Liaising with outside agencies to develop practise and develop children’s learning.
* To evaluate their practice and develop where necessary.
* To keep up to date with relevant changes in educational practices and implement them within their room.
* Engage in a good staff team through a high standard of teamwork and communication.
* To be a key person and ensure that a high standard of care is given at all times.
* Ensure they understand and adhere to the key person approach.
* Ensure they understand and comply with the company’s policies and procedures.
* To develop and maintain strong partnerships and communication with parents/carers to facilitate day-to-day caring and early learning needs.
* To ensure the provision of a high-quality environment which meets the needs of individual children having an awareness of any disabilities, family cultures and medical histories.
* To liaise with the team on a day-to-day basis. Regarding children, parents, the safety of the environment, any floor-based hearsay or conflict preserving confidentiality as necessary.
* To take part in, training, monthly staff meetings, Christmas party, etc
* To be flexible within working practices of the setting, undertaking other responsible duties where needed, such as domestic tasks, preparation of snack meals, cleansing of equipment, etc.
* To work alongside staff team to ensure that the setting’s philosophy is fulfilled.
* To read, understand and adhere to all policies and procedures relevant to the role and safe running of the setting.
* To keep completely confidential any information regarding the children, their families or other staff that is acquired as part of the job.
* To be aware of the high profile of the setting and to always uphold its standards, both in work hours and outside.
* To support nursery assistants, students and volunteers.
* To ensure good standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness are always maintained.
* To be aware of all food restrictions and allergies within the room and to serve food in compliance with the relevant policies.
* Ensure that all safeguarding and whistleblowing policies and procedures are followed.
* Ensure that the room meets high standards of health and safety, reporting any faulty equipment and completing daily risk assessments.
* Contribute towards an effective and supportive team environment.
* Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the highest standards of care are provided.
* Attend team meetings and contribute relevant ideas.
In addition, an Early Years Educator should:
* Work with the room leader to create a supportive environment for all staff that encourages feedback and reflection.
* Devise a range of activities within their room that develop and expand on the children’s interests.
* To provide support to unqualified team members and students who are pursuing a childcare qualification.
* To have an awareness of the requirements of the nursery as a whole and to be familiar with the routines of each of the rooms.
* To ensure planning and observation targets are being met.
* Support the room leader in inducting new staff.
* Be competent in relevant nursery software.
* Take pride in their work and want to progress and develop their skill set to ensure they are providing the highest quality environment for the children.


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